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Investing for the Future


We are a family owned investment company founded in 1991

Established in 1991 by engineering entrepreneur Jaakko Pöyry. We have a long and international entrepreneurial background which is reflected in our high-conviction portfolio and belief in the positive power of private investment. Operating in the Nordic region through a group of companies and guided by a long-term investment strategy that integrates a focus on social responsibility and future-proofed business practices.  


Years in Business


Exposure to Public Equities


Exposure to Private Assets

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Range of Single Private Asset Commitments


Our Values

We believe in integrating thoughtful and value-based practices as an integral part of our investment framework. 

Every company or investment instrument cannot drive or achieve a broader environmental or societal impact. However, targets need to be evaluated truthfully, thoughtfully, and transparently on a company level.

We believe that good long-term risk adjusted returns are not created through trade-offs on environmental goals, or at the expense of an unequitable, healthy, and safe society. Industry leaders are rather created by actively addressing and considering climate and societal challenges and opportunities.   

We view private business and investment as a key vehicle of innovation, dynamism and change in society, and strive to contribute positively where we can.

We believe in the power of collaboration and active interaction both internally, and by investing with likeminded investors, and in great teams and entrepreneurs through aligned structures. Building relationships lies at the core of our investment model.  


Our goal is to create solid returns and real growth of our assets by investing with a systematic and principled approach. We believe in the power of investing in skilled people through aligned structures and maintaining disciplined and cost-efficient practices throughout. 

  • Asset Allocation Our guiding principles encompass a long-term investment horizon which enables an allocation towards higher returning instruments and assets with attractive over-the-cycle return characteristics. We maintain an appropriate risk level in the portfolio through active diversification and liquidity management. 
  • Direct and Private Asset Investments We seek to enhance our return profile by allocating a part of our portfolio to companies with a clear investment thesis and road map to above-market expected returns. In addition, we invest in private assets where we identify an attractive risk-return profile that enhances overall returns.


Our investment thesis

The company has a long entrepreneurial history which is reflected in our partly concentrated and high-conviction portfolio. However, active investments are always made with a structured and mindful approach and monitored systematically.   

We balance our risks by maintaining a significant allocation in liquid assets and diversifying across geographies and industries.